Brie de Meaux Cheese Review

cheese_41_bg_053006I saw a yummy looking round of French Brie de Meaux at Monsieur Marcel during our recent LA trip and decided to grab some of that. Of course it’s not “real” Brie de Meaux since it would have to be made with pasteurized milk to be sold here. So one wonders just how close it is to the French version. I’ve read many times that it’s not even close, but that seems hard to believe. Hopefully I’ll get over to France some day and taste the real thing. But for now that will have to wait. My question is, for those who have tasted both, how close is the “Americanized” imported brie to the real thing, and what are the actual taste differences? Bonus question – For those who have also tasted the award winning American Rouge et Noir Brie, how does that compare to the French stuff? As for the sample we got, it was pretty darn good. Slightly gamey, creamy, buttery, silky, rich. For some reason the cat wouldn’t go near it, which I found very odd. He’s usually a sucker for stinky cheeses, and the brie had a clear foot odor to it. Certainly not as pungent as the Pont l’Evêque which he gobbled up, but still………

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